How to Download eBooks for Kindle


Do you have a Kindle or Kindle App? Here is an instructional video on how you can download eBooks from the Plano Public Library System.

Have some other kind of tablet? Check out all eContent in our Digital Library.


2 Responses to “How to Download eBooks for Kindle”

  1. Reagan Says:

    Hi – I was notified that my digital book was going to expire tomorrow. I would like to recheck it. How do I do that? It is not in my checked out folder.



    • Lee Says:

      Hi, Reagan– The option to renew an e-book in Overdrive will appear as a Renew icon on your Overdrive Bookshelf 3 days before the item is set to expire. If someone else has a hold on the e-book, however, the Renew icon won’t appear, and it will not renew automatically. Possibly that is what has happened in this case. If you want to read the book again, you’ll need to check it out again. For more help with this, please call your closest Plano library and ask to speak to a librarian, who will take a look at your account and answer your exact question. Thanks! PlanoReads blog staff

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