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Frankenweenie directed by Tim Burton. Rated PG

Tim Burton brings his unique sensibility to a film that is both parody and homage to the Frankenstein films. Frankenweenie is the tale of Victor, a boy, and Sparky, his beloved dog and only friend. Sparky has an accident and Victor is bereft until in Science class Victor sees a demonstration on the power of lightning. Thus an idea and a science fair project are born. The film has a sweetness and heart. You will feel for the boy Victor and his desire to get his beloved Sparky back in his life. Tim Burton’s glorious black and white stop-motion animation adds atmosphere to the picture, but I think only the most sensitive children would find it scary. If you are looking for a family Halloween film try this one. You will not be disappointed.

Note: The DVD also includes the original animation short of the story that Tim Burton made while he worked as an animator for Disney.




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