Dark Places


Today’s post is from Joanna at Parr Library:

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Libby Day is not what you would call a nice person. At the age of seven, she witnessed the murder of her mother and sisters, then testified that her brother was responsible for the crimes. Sounds like a person deserving of your sympathy, right? Yet Libby does all she can to push people away. She is angry and selfish, and other than making a quick buck, she’s not interested in revisiting her past.  But when a group of crime enthusiasts contact Libby offering money for family mementos, she is forced to think about what truly happened that fateful night.

Gillian Flynn wrote this novel prior to her runaway hit Gone Girl, and it definitely showcases the same dark and disturbing themes.  And just like Gone Girl, the movie rights have been sold and they are currently filming with Charlize Theron in the lead role. I enjoyed Dark Places more, in terms of story line and character development, though it doesn’t have the dramatic twists of Gone Girl. The audiobook version is also well done, if you don’t mind listening to stories about murder while driving home late at night.

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