Hank Williams: Snapshots From the Lost Highway


Today’s post is from Douglas at Haggard Library:

Hank Williams: Snapshots From the Lost Highway by Colin Escott and Kira Florita

This book is a collection of documents and pictures with a small narrative intertwined. Most of the pictures have not been previously released. The documents range from handbills advertising shows and performances, to telegrams and letters, to lyrics to his songs. Often the songs are found on fragments of paper–he wrote on what was at hand as the thoughts came to him. The narrative is filled with comments, interviews, and memories of those who lived, worked, and performed with him. An additional treat to Hank Williams fans are the two anecdotes at the end of the book by Jett Williams and Hank Williams Jr.

Fans of Hank Williams of any age will enjoy this work.


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One Response to “Hank Williams: Snapshots From the Lost Highway”

  1. Dawn Lovett Says:

    Thanks for posting this! I wasn’t aware of this book and Hank Williams is one of my all time favorites.

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